Oh, the urge to say ‘I told you so’ is almost overwhelming..

So anyway, I saw ophelia today.. *cue panic attack* she looks so much like my eldest niece.. And she appears to have mastered the art of walking.. Sometimes I forget how much I miss my little midget, how much i love her.. To say it hurts when I’m reminded would be an understatement..

Is there no escape from this bullshit? I don’t care who she’s with, or what she’s doing, its none of my business. But now, thanks to your shit stirring, the pregnant one is now being all off and accusatory of me, believing that I’m hanging around derby for the hope of being with either of two people: spud and the kitten.. I’m not, I’m hanging around for my daughter, for work, for how much easier it is to hang around than uprooted myself for the umpteenth time this year.. She doesn’t believe me, and I’m done fighting.. I just want to work, I’m sick of shit coming up and affecting me


Went to my mother’s this weekend with the pregnant one.. It went extremely well :3 she and my mum got on like a house on fire, which would normally fill me with dread except that I know they both care about me enough to not abuse it xD best part of the weekend: I saw my new baby sister! :3 she’s so tiny and adorable, but has the rare attribute of not feeling fragile, which makes me more comfortable with holding her and dancing about with her in my arms.. I must admit, I love my new little sister and I found that I feel extremely protective over all of them :3 wish id gotten pictures :/ but yeah it was really good ^^ we will be back again around new year, only this time with an adorable little sproglet of our own.. Step aside Frances, Isaac is on his way :p