you’re perfect for some.. but I guess you can’t have everything.. but if you really want to be perfect and be everything and whatnot, sort yourself out first before trying, otherwise it just means yet more broken hearts.. not that the fact that you’re already loved and adored means anything to you, given that you’re still asking for it..

That moment when you realise that you made everything in your life about that one person.. And as soon as they’re no longer there, your life just feels empty.. So you do everything you can to try and fill that void, but there’s nothing else that quite fits.. I need to fill that void, because its eating me up inside.. I need something, I need more..


very often I actually wish for some kind of apocalyptic event that throws humanity into the dark.. no electricity, no internet, no shops, having to actually fend for ourselves.. I could totally survive if I had to.. and it would weed out the people who really take all this shit for granted.. it would put a lot of things into perspective, that some things just aren’t anywhere as important as others„ would probably do us all some good

this is a good night, despite certain events.. been gaming with old/new friends, and am now having more hours of gaming whilst drinking my alcohol, eating a large raspberry bakewell and listening to Slipknot.. beautiful night :3 and then off to work at half 5, just to come home for 4 and get another 2 hours of double xp in :D

Looking at you is like looking at myself in a broken mirror.. You are a part of who I am, part of what makes me me.. But that part is broken, and there’s all this broken glass between us.. We have to tread carefully so as not to get hurt.. But sometimes we are careless and break that mirror some more, spread more glass over the floor.. Id like to fix that mirror some day..