19 days

In just 19 days I’ll have lived for exactly 23 years.. Yay? I haven’t died yet, which I guess is a good thing.. I’ve become even more cynical, critical and skeptical of things and people, and even less tolerant of bullshit.. Is that an age thing or just something that comes with experience? At any rate, I’m happy to announce that I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the things that bothered me most, and whilst that has taken a lot of pain and effort, I feel pretty certain that it will make life somewhat better for me.. Here’s hoping I’m right


If I don’t reply to you, its because I have no interest in either the subject matter or conversing with you in particular.. Or I have more interesting things to do.. In other news: I’m a level 26 hunter on destiny, just need to get more vanguard marks so I can buy legendary gauntlets and rank up.. And somehow acquire more ascendant shards

Oh, the urge to say ‘I told you so’ is almost overwhelming..

So anyway, I saw ophelia today.. *cue panic attack* she looks so much like my eldest niece.. And she appears to have mastered the art of walking.. Sometimes I forget how much I miss my little midget, how much i love her.. To say it hurts when I’m reminded would be an understatement..