and now for work.. it doesn’t even bother me, I’m in a very good mood :3 here’s hoping for another full shift :D although why the agency are telling me to get in for a 10am shift when my shift doesn’t start til 11, I have no idea..

looking up..

saw Miss Sarah today :3 had a lovely catch up. and her dad.. I think I love her dad! not only did he offer me whiskey, but he just up and gave me a bike.. love feeling liked ^_^ think I might buy him a decent scotch this weekend while I’m at mum’s, as a belated birthday present and a thankyou kinda thing :p but yeah, had a lovely couple of hours with Miss Sarah and her parents, where we talked about a variety of things whilst watching a bond film.. a variety of things including the harry potter tour! we’ll be going to it on the 28th of October (two days before my birthday :p) and I’m gonna make sure I have lots of spending money.. totally getting myself a wand :p also, things at work are getting better: I’ve been speaking to a couple of guys at work, just general chit-chat and banter, getting along with them rather well ^^ found out that one of them, who only lives a couple of streets away from me, is getting his son on the same shift as us, which is cool :3 I think if my dad actually feels like getting off his arse and looking for work, I’ll put in a word with management to put him on my shift ^_^ I like the way things are going :D

I could be so childish right now.. But it wouldn’t help anything right now..

She: just do what you said you were gonna do and stop talking to me for a few days.
Me: well maybe id be more inclined to if you you ever did what you say you’re gonna do…

But there would be no point.. It would just cause more negativity..